Pictures around CRI and ASU from 1994

In the 3rd part of my Blog about my time doing a postdoc with Prof Bob Pettit from 1993-4, I wanted to share some pictures that I have scanned from that that time. The first is the view along Palm Walk from outside the entrance to what was then the Cancer Research Institute (CRI). Here’s what it looks like today – link. The second picture captures the ASU bridge on E. University Drive and the last is the bike rack where I parked my primary mode of transport. During summer it was always advisable to get there before 8 am as it became very hot, very quickly. This could be a struggle on a Friday morning after heading out with everyone the night before.

Palm Walk, outside the Bateman Physical Sciences Center, looking towards E. University Drive, Tempe, Arizona
Arizona State University Bridge on E. University Drive, Tempe, Arizona
Bike racks behind CRI (sorry for the poor image quality). Not too exciting but may be of interest to some.

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